10 Scrapbooking Tool Musts

When it comes to diving into the wonderful world of Paper-Crafting, these 10 Scrapbooking Tool Musts are among my favorites…

10 Scrapbooking Tool Musts

WYW Charlotte Scrapbooking Kit

1.  Paper and Accessories – A great starting point for any Paper-Crafter!

While the option is always there to purchase a stand-alone paper pack and a stand-alone set of accessories, it’s always a better deal (economically) when packaged together.  With Close To My Heart’s new Workshop Your Way kit, you get this awesome packaged deal of Paper and Embellishments.  It even comes with a downloadable Cutting Guide so you can make 5 incredible projects!  Be sure to check out My Website for other available kits in many different themes.

Sure Cut Deluxe Paper Trimmer2.  A SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer – You can’t get much done without one!

Using a 12 x 12 paper cutter is a Godsend!  I remember struggling with a small photo cutter back in the day.  SO. NOT. FUN.  But I love love love my SureCut Deluxe Trimmer.  I can cut my 12 x 12 paper to any size I need.  I can trim my photos.  I can even make photo corners just by cutting triangles out of squares.  Plus Fiskars backs it’s products so if something ever goes wrong they may replace it for free.

  • Wide base, wire cut-line indicator, lightweight, swing-out arm for cuts up to 15″.

CTMH Bonding Memories Glue3.  A great adhesive – Both permanent and semi-permanent is great to have!

What I love about the Bonding Memories Glue from Close To My Heart is that it goes on blue and dries clear.  For a permanent bond, glide it onto your paper and adhere your paper to the project.  For a semi-permanent bond, glide it on to your paper and let it air dry.  Once it’s dry it becomes much like a sticky-note so that you can use it for different techniques like the Masking Technique.

Micro-tip Scissors4.  Micro-tip Scissors – My new best friend!

I love that these Micro-tip Scissors have a non-stick coating on them.  Not only can you cut paper with these bad boys but you can also use them to cut things like ribbon, twine, shimmer trim, and even stickers!  Love these!

  • Coated, non-stick surface to cut through adhesive without sticking.  Small and sharp for detailed cutting.

My Acrylix Alphabet Stamp Set5.  An Alphabet Stamp Set – While a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes your readers need a hint!

Lets face it… Cute Titles can add POP to your pages!  When starting out I always recommend starting with an Alphabet set because your creativity won’t be limited to a few flowers and sayings like in some of the other sets.  Alphabets can make a big impact to your story and your story is worth telling.  Stamp them one by one or load a word or phrase onto your block (see below) for different looks.

My Acrylix Blocks6.  A Block Starter Kit – I can see clearly now…

When using Close To My Heart’s My Acrylix Stamp Sets, the first thing to know is that you do NOT need a block for every set or image.  The My Acrylix stamps are “peel and stick” so to speak.  Once you use them, you clean them and return them to their carrier sheet.  This Block Starter set is the perfect starting point because it provides the block sizes that you will most likely be working with from here on out.

Archival Ink7.  Archival Black Ink – Black is a must in any girls closet.  I’d say it’s a MUST in any papercrafters tool box, too!

While Close To My Heart has 40+ exclusive Ink colors, I recommend starting with Black Ink and then expanding out into the other colors as you need them.  I’ll admit, it’s fun to own all the colors, especially all at once!  But your pocketbook and your husband (and your consultant!) will thank you when you set a budget and purchase wisely every month.

My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner8.  My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner – Spritz it and clean it so it’s ready for next time!

I love the My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner.  Specially formulated, it is gentle on your Stamps, has a light hint of rose-smelly to it, and it keeps your stamps perfectly conditioned.

Stamp Scrubber9.  Stamp Scrubber – Scrubba-Scrubba-Scrubba!

This stamp Scrubber is absolutely wonderful!  Spritz a squirt or 2 of cleaner onto your stamp and then scrub it off with this palm sized Scrubber.

  • Lint-free cleaning of your stamps.  Raised bristles for cleaning large stamps.  Ideal for cleaning all inks, especially pigment inks.

Journaling Pen10.  Journaling Pen – Your loved ones want to see your handwriting!

When adding journaling into your scrapbooks you want to make sure you have a very reliable pen.  You want something that is Archival safe, smooth flowing, and easy to work with.  My recommendation is the Marvy Uchida LePen.

  • Archival pigment ink.  .5mm

And there you have it!  My top 10 Scrapbooking Tool Musts for those wanting to get started in the wonderful world of Paper-Crafting.  While there are a few other items I wanted to put on the list, I felt like this was a great place to start.

If you have any questions about the items shown, please feel free to email me at shannon@stampinbuds.com

Get started today by purchasing my 10 Scrapbooking Tool Musts:

Happy PaperCrafting!

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