2 options for properly matting your crafting workspace

If you are a paper-crafter (or even a crafter in general) I have 2 great products to help you “mat” your workspace.

First, lets talk about the VersaMat…

The VersaMat features 2 very different sides:  Cushioned & Self-Healing.  The Cushioned side is great for some extra “give” when stamping larger sized images onto your cardstock.  The Self-Healing side is great when you are using something like an exacto-knife for cutting detailed pieces within your image…such as with a snowflake.  I love my VersaMat and keep it on my desk at all times.  I’ve even invested in several more so that my workshop guests have a little bit more stability when stamping their images on a table that isn’t made out of wood…you know, like the plastic type folding tables that most people have from Costco?  You know the ones I’m talking about.  😉

The other great “matting” product is called the All-Purpose Mat.  It measure 15″ x 20″, is non-stick, wipes clean, is heat resistant up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a non-slip underside to help grip to your work surface.  Some of the neat things you can do with this mat include spritzing projects and drying liquid glass dots onto the surface to make your own epoxy style bubbles.  Pretty nifty, right?

To learn more about these products please take a moment to view the video (above).  You can also purchase these products from my Close To My Heart website by visiting the following links

Z1279 – VersaMat – $14.50
Z2045 – All-Purpose Mat – $19.95

Happy Shopping!

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