Happy 21st Birthday of Memories Alyssa!

Happy 21st Birthday to my daughter Alyssa today! What a beautiful, spunky young woman she has become! While I could take her out to celebrate her big day with lots of booze, we are celebrating with a family brunch instead. I’ll also be gifting her this Story Starter Book of the Things that remind me of Alyssa! I hope she loves it as much as I do.

I’ve actually wanted to make a book for all three of my girls for a very long time now.  After all, my Mom’s Book & my Dad’s Book have already been completed. So, it’s only natural to keep the progression going, right?  …But before I do, I really need to give a great big shout out to Stacy Julian for her 20in20 Class which is helping me prioritize my creativity!  I’ve committed to completing 20 creative projects in 2020 and I can now successfully check this one off my list.  Yay! 

With the CTMH Inline Alphabet Stamp Set in hand and a whole lot of memories in the other, here is the Story Starter Book I am gifting to Alyssa today…

SBS - 21st Birthday Book for Alyssa
SBS - 21st Birthday Book for Alyssa - 1
SBS - Alyssa 2
SBS - Alyssa 3
SBS - Alyssa 4
SBS - 21st Birthday Book for Alyssa - 5
SBS - Alyssa 6
SBS - Alyssa 7
SBS - Alyssa 8
SBS - 21st Birthday Book for Alyssa - 9

Isn’t it crazy when some of the silliest sights or the sweetest smells can remind us of someone we love so much?

Happy 21st Birthday Alyssa!  I love you! – xoxo

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