52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips – Week 50

Welcome to Week #50 of my 52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips and StampinBuds Studio tour. Did you miss last week’s topic? I talked about the Ink Pad Carousel from CTMH. Be sure to check it out.

This week we’re discussing…

Week 50: Quick Storage Cubes

Kallax Storage Cubes

Sometimes there are things in my craft room that I just don’t know what to do with. That’s why I’m glad that I have a couple of these Kallax Storage Cubes called Lekman.

Right now I have one filled with all of my wooden crafts that I haven’t done anything with yet. Then I have another cube that has some retired paper and Artwork that I stashed during my move… a couple of years ago – Yeek! Out of sight out of mind right? lol

These plastic Lekman Cubes measure 13″ wide x 14.5″ deep and 13″ tall and fit perfectly in my Kallax unit. Plus, they only cost about $13.00 which makes it totally economical. Plus, at the bottom of the Ikea Page, you can also browse through several other cubes of all shapes and colors. Find the one that best appeals to you and your decor and then SPLURGE! After all, wouldn’t you rather look at something super cute that brings you joy than to look at something that you aren’t totally happy with? Just a few words of wisdom there.

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