A Picture Perfect Sweet Life

Looking to create a simple, yet sweet, Scrapbook page? Then you’ll want to check out the Sweet Life page on page 31 of the Annual Inspirations Idea Book? It’s picture perfect and simple to recreate.

Sweet Life Adventure Page

This is a great page when you are needing to whip something up in a flash.  The watercolor floral along with the vibrant colors of the Adventure color palate is great for any occasion.  While this page only has one picture on it, it’s great because it lends itself to those moments in life when the photo speaks louder than anything you could add to the surrounding details.  It’s also great if you only have 1 photo of something or if you wanted to do some hidden journaling behind the picture.

Sweet Life Page Recipe:

What is it that you like most about this page?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  – Blessings <3
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