Happy April 1st Birthday Stephanie!

Happy April 1st Birthday to my daughter Stephanie! What a beautiful, positive ball of sunshine she has become! I also can’t believe that out of all of the days of the year, she was born on April Fools Day. Sorry Steph! lol …AND who would’ve known that we would be ‘sheltering in place’ on your birthday, too – LAME! At least I was able to spend the day with you even though your sisters couldn’t. Once all the restrictions are lifted we will have to gather everyone and celebrate everything we missed.

Since I didn’t want Stephanie’s big day to go unnoticed in the middle of all this Covid-19 stuff, I made sure to gift her a Story Starter Book of the Things that remind me of Stephanie. I’ve made these for my parents and youngest daughter (so far) and Stephanie totally loved hers, too! Yay!

I used the CTMH Inline Alphabet Stamp Set like in previous books and paired photo titles with pictures to create her fun Story Starter Book below…

SBS - April 1st Birthday Title
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 1
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 2
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 3
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 4
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 5
SBS - Stephanie 6
SBS - Stephanie 7
SBS - Stephanie 8
SBS - April 1st Birthday Stephanie 9

To see more Story by Stacy books I’ve gifted to my loved ones, check out my Mom’s Book, my Dad’s Book and my daughter Alyssa’s Book. …Rafe and Becca, get ready!

Happy April 1st Birthday Stephanie!  I love you! – xoxo

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