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My Beach Vibes Layout & Video

Are you ready to see my Beach Vibes Layout & Video? This has been a long time coming. Mostly because I had to summon up the courage to try something new – Eek! But I did it and I’m proud of myself. <3

Beach Vibes Layout

The best part about the process video, for me, is that while it took several hours to complete, I was able to condense it all into a 5-minute video. A perfect bite-size amount for people, like me (again!), that don’t have time to watch hour long videos. I hope to make many more of these bite-size videos in the near future.

Until then, let me share with you the products I used to create my layout…


Product List

Also, the Stampin’ Up! Glass Mat is a new product that will be available starting July 3, 2024! You will be able to purchase it HERE!

Over the next several days I will be creating some coordinating instructions to go with my video. So be sure to check back soon as this spot will be sporting that information soon!

Happy Crafting my friend! <3

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