Celebrating You and Yours!

What if I told you that Celebrating You is both the name of a CTMH Paper Collection AND the title I chose for my newest layout? Kinda fun, right? The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize the connection until I sat down to write this blog post!

Anyways, I was recently challenged by Stacy Julian to create a Birthday Layout celebrating ALL the members of my family on a single page or spread. One of the challenges I came across as I began working was whether or not to put a blended family page together or separate out my family from my husband’s.  NORMALLY I would blend them together, but this time I figured it would be kinda fun to create 2 separate two-page layouts.  This would allow me to put together mine and then put together Rafe’s on camera for you to see.  This just means that later in life my girls can fight over the layout for our family while Rafe’s daughter will probably take his, before her brother, for their family. 😉

So first up, here is MY ‘Celebrating You’ Layout…

CTMH Celebrating You Layout 1


  • As of April 26, 2023 – The birthdays in my family currently range from 1944 to 1999.
  • Even though my dad passed in 2019, I included both of my parents, myself, and my 3 girls.
  • My middle daughter, Becca, is married to Koby so he made the page!
  • My oldest daughter, Stephanie, is engaged so Ryan will make the page as soon as Steph sends me his birthday photo. If she doesn’t? I’ll just take one this year.
  • As for my youngest daughter, Alyssa… We are just waiting on her boyfriend to pop the question. That will ultimately determine if he makes the page or now – lol.
  • As far as grand babies on my side of the family go? El zippo! The joke is that I did a terrible job teaching my girls about the ‘birds & the bees’ because they only seem to know how to have dogs. LOL …A total of 5 dogs (and 1 cat) between them all to be exact! However, once the grand babies do start showing up my plan is to layer in their photos using Pocket Pages and/or Flip Flaps.

As I was typing out the facts about my layout (above), I decided that it would be FUN to include the information with my layout! So I’ll be sure to talk about that more toward the end of my video (below).

Now, let’s watch as Rafe’s ‘Celebrating You’ Layout comes together…


  • As of April 26, 2019 – The birthdays in Rafe’s layout currently range from 1930 to 2019.
  • Even though Rafe’s parents have both passed, I made sure to include them along with Rafe, his 2 kids and 1 grandson on the layout.
  • Since Rafe’s daughter Courtney and his son Cody aren’t currently married, I left photo place holders next to their photos for the future.
  • I also went ahead and added the first grandson on the page because it was aesthetically pleasing.


If you have any questions about this layout, please feel free to ask. That’s what I’m here for. 😉


As a reminder, this Celebrating You Collection is available through July 31, 2023 on my Close To My Heart Website, but only while supplies last.

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