CL Class Series is coming!

A Close To My Heart On-Air CL Class Series is coming!  Are you ready for Creative Live?

CL Class Series

November has been a cray-cray month for me.  While I’ve been sick with a massive sinus infection and just haven’t felt like creating anything, I was asked to be a member of a Creative Live Studio Audience for a Close To My Heart event!  How fun is this?!  🙂  So, in preparation for this event, I did manage to hop on my computer to create a few Studio J layouts using a few random topics as well as some fun things that happened at the end of October.  *hint hint*  See the 2nd Studio J layout (below).

CL Class Series

CL Class Series (info):

The fun CTMH Creative Live Event is happening November 20-21st.  It’s free to register and a great way to learn more about Close To My Heart.  The fabulous Stacy Julian will be there, too!  She always speaks on great topics!  Close To My Heart will be talking about everything from our roots to being a consultant and everything in between such as Scrapbooking, Stamping and Paper-crafting.  Be sure to register for this FREE EVENT!

Now, here are my Studio J layouts I talked about earlier…

Creative Live Studio J StampinbudsCreative Live Studio J StampinbudsCreative Live Studio J StampinbudsCreative Live Studio J StampinbudsCreative Live Studio J StampinbudsIf you haven’t used Studio J I would like to invite you to check it out.  It’s free to play and fun to create with!  Check it out NOW 🙂

Besides still be very sick, I ended up pulling a muscle in my back (simply by bending over to throw something away in the garbage under the kitchen sink) and couldn’t make it to the “live” tapping in Seattle, WA.  🙁  I so wish I could’ve been there – I am so very disappointed!

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