Dating Coupons – Round 2!

Dating Coupons, round 2? Say whaaat?

Yep! Lookie lookie what I created over the Christmas Break… Not 1, not 2, but 7 (SEVEN!) 12-Months of Dating Mini Albums – Woohoo!

Rafe loved his 12 Months of Dating Mini Album I gave him last year for Christmas so much that he was hoping to get another one this year.

Well just look at that… I delivered!

Rafe’s Booklet of Dating Coupons…

Dating Coupons are Wanderful

Above is a picture of this year’s dating booklet I made for Rafe.  I used Close To My Heart’s ‘Wanderful’ Paper Packet, some Shimmer Trim, my Cricut, along with Inks and Ribbon. 

Rafe’s already opened up our first date coupon which will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for that!

Dating Coupons for my Kiddos…

These mini books don’t have to just be for the hunny in your life.

Dating Coupons - 12 Months of Dating Series

I created this Mini Album using a retired Close To My Heart Paper Packet for my Daughter Stephanie. 

Stephanie was super excited to receive this date book because she knew it would lead to some one-on-one Mother/Daughter time. With work hours so cray cray it gives us an excuse to purposefully schedule some time together.  We’re really looking forward to having our first date together later this month!

Dating Coupons - 12 Months of Dating with Lollydoodle

I made this album using Close To My Heart’s Lollydoodle Paper Packet for my middle daughter, Becca.  She loves it because she also knows that this will be our special Mother/Daughter time together.  Our first date in January is to a restaurant we’ve only heard about so it should be fun. We can’t wait to show you the pictures, especially our leftovers…? Hmmm!

CTMH 12 Months of Dating Coupons - Chalk It Up

I used Close To My Heart’s ‘Chalk it Up’ Paper Packet on this album for my youngest daughter, Alyssa. 

Since I don’t have the opportunity to see her very often since she currently lives with her dad, I know that our time together will be extra special. Of course, with Alyssa being a teenager, it’s my hope that she’ll at least let me take pictures of our dates together…  fingers crossed!

Parents love to Double Date!

CTMH 12 Months of Dating Coupons - Heartstrings

What do you get for the parents that already have everything?  A Double Date album made with Close To My Heart’s Heartstrings Paper Packet of course! …Though, I’m not really sure they fully understand how cool and fun this is going to be. 

But BONUS alert! At the end of the year, they’ll have a great little keepsake to cherish that will someday mean EVERYTHING to ME, if you know what I mean. 

I know my parents are absolutely going to love it when it’s finally put together at the end of the year!  I also think their friends will be envious that they don’t have a creative kiddo like me.  *wink*

A couple more Date Books…

I was definitely on a roll this year so I asked Rafe if he would like albums for his kids since he adores and cherishes family so much.  He loved the idea! 

CTMH 12 Months of Dating Coupons - Hopscotch

I put this album together for his Daughter, Courtney, using Close To My Heart’s Hopscotch Paper Packet.  I think she really liked it!  Definitely a fun gift to give that keeps on giving all year long.

CTMH 12 Months of Dating Coupons - Pro Player

And lastly, this is the album I put together for Rafe’s son, Cody.  The challenge was to put something together that wasn’t very girly and LUCKILY I still had some of Close To My Heart’s Pro Player papers on hand.  Yay me! 

I’m not 100% sure of what his 16 year old son thought of it and I think Rafe is going to have a challenge coming up with fun days that his son likes, but in the end I think it’s one of those keepsakes that his son will appreciate in about 10+ years.

Be watching for my 12 Months of Dating Mini Album Workshop to pop up on my calendar periodically. These always make a GREAT GIFT at Christmas time.

Want to check out our previous date? You can do so HERE.

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