Dreamin’ Big with Fundamentals Scrapbook Layout

Here’s what happens when Dreamin’ Big with Fundamentals meets Disneyland…

Dreamin' Big with Fundamentals

A fun memory with some beautiful Close To My Heart papers!

What a fun day!  It was either a Saturday or a Sunday, the only 2 days the Canoe Boats at Disneyland seem to be in operation each week.  I’m not even going to venture to say that the Canoe Boats are an actual ‘ride’ either, since we were given an oar and told to row steadily around Tom Sawyer Island if we wanted to make it safely back to land.  lol  But what I do know is that Rafe and I had never been on this ride (together) and we haven’t been back on it since with the construction of the new Star Wars Land underway.  I would definitely do it again…but not on a day over 75 degrees.  lol  It’s just too much work!

Anyways, what was so funny about this ‘ride’ was that after we rowed our little hearts out around Tom Sawyer Island we were told the proper way to exit the canoe onto the dock by the Disney Castmember.  Maybe I wasn’t quite paying attention or maybe I was a split second too slow, but Rafe (and the rest of the boat) were on the dock quicker than I could blink an eye!  My side of the boat started tipping!  Egads!  I could’ve landed in the Rivers of America face first!  LOL  Luckily the canoe didn’t tip all the way over, though.  *Whew*  When Rafe finally realized I was still in the boat he came back to help me but by that time both of us were laughing so hard!  But now, as you can see, it just makes for a funny memory to look back on for this scrapbook page.

Dreamin’ Big with Fundamentals Recipe:

All the pictures used in this layout are 4″ x 6″ which makes this layout super easy to put together.  You will need some scissors for a little bit of Dovetail cutting, but other than that this layout should go together very easily.  I did use Cricut Design space to weld some circles into a Mickey Mouse head but I didn’t use a particular cartridge in order to do so.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you would like me to offer this in kit format, just let me know.

Have a great day!
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