HOW TO use Embellishing Thread #2

Want to create an easy bow with your Embellishing Thread?

This week I want to show you how I like to make loopy-bows with my Embellishing Thread. While the word loopy-bow is just a word I made-up, I think it pretty well describes the visual I’m trying to achieve. Let’s take a look…

Loopy Bows are easy to make and doesn’t require the traditional Bunny ears, bunny ears… blah blah blah. I’m only saying it that way because I actually don’t know the little poem that goes with it – lol. I never learned to tie my shoes that way so of course I didn’t teach my kids that way either… but I digress.

Extra TIPS:

  • If you want to create bigger loops, try wrapping the thread around a third finger.
  • To give the thread a more shabby chic look, like using raffia from the 80s, try clipping the loops with your scissors before applying it to your project.

Where to BUY?

As mentioned in my previous post, Close To My Heart no longer carries Embellishing Thread. So instead of running off to your local craft store, I have provided the following link for your convenience… Embellishing Thread

YOUR Turn!

Now it’s your turn to try it! Be sure to tag me on Social Media using @stampinbuds. I love seeing what my readers are making!

Want MORE?

Want to see more video’s like this one? Let me know which crafty topics you would like to learn about and I will see what I can do to accommodate your request.

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