Faithful Friend Page

When I see this page in the Annual Inspirations Idea Book on page 75, it begs me to recreate it memory of my dog, Cody, that we lost unexpectedly last year while on a Disney vacation.  🙁  He was definitely a faithful, loving and sweet friend and I miss him terribly!

Faithful Friend Page

Faithful Friend Page Recipe:


What are some other themes you could use this page for?  By taking the Faithful Friend Stamping pieces out of the picture, you could easily bring in a different stamp set to highlight any occasion:  Sports, a day at the park, an elegant Christmas party and so much more.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

…And, yes, I definitely have to add this page onto my ‘to-create’ list in honor of my sweet Cody-boy which is pictured to the right.  BEST.  DOGGIE.  EVER!  – Blessings <3
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