I helped design the ‘Freshly Baked’ Papers!

CTMH Freshly Baked Collection

I can finally spill the beans on one of my biggest secrets… I helped the Close To My Heart Home Office design the scrumptious Freshly Baked Paper Pack! YIPPEE!! It was so much fun and I’m super excited to tell you all about it!

A couple of years ago, the CTMH Home Office introduced a special rewards program for its Maker Consultants. On the list of redeemable items was the opportunity to help design a future Paper Pack. Since PAPER is my #1 hands down favorite product to create with, I basically said: ‘YES PLEASE!’

My first task was to submit an idea for a theme and set up a Pinterest Board to collect ideas. Check! So I came up with the idea of redesigning the Bee papers called ‘Buzz and Bumble’ from years past…

Buzz and Bumble Papers - CTMH

But then, a funny thing happened. Approximately 2 weeks before I pitched my idea, the Jan-Mar 2022 Seasonal Book released and there it was… Bee Paper called ‘Sweet as Honey!’

CTMH Sweet as Honey Papers

Ut-oh! And down the tubes went that idea! But since I didn’t want to pitch another Disney or Coffee pack, I decided to dig deeper.

Enter in my Freshly Baked ideas!

Around 3am one morning I suddenly woke up with cookies on the brain! …Not for any other reason, I promise you! I just think I was feeling the pressure of coming up with a new theme that the masses could love. I mean, who doesn’t love warm, gooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies, right?! Besides, in all the years I’ve been a consultant, I don’t recall CTMH ever embracing a theme like this. So I went to work adding cute designs into my cookie inspired Pinterest Board. Then, when it came time to pitch my idea, they LOVED it – YEEEESSSS!

One of the things the Home Office Team conveyed was how excited they were to run with my ideas. While I originally pitched the idea of highlighting a variety of cookies, they ultimately loved my idea of bringing back cookie exchanges after the pandemic. So they decided that the best place to debut my collection would be the 2022 Oct-Dec Seasonal Book. They even asked me for a favorite family recipe and turned it into one of the paper designs – say whaaat?!

CTMH Freshly Baked Papers

Before the Papers went into production I was able to review all of the papers and fun designs. The only paper I had them change was the striped one. If I remember correctly there were just five bold stripes across the page. While it was pretty, I just felt uninspired by it. So they addressed my concerns by shrinking the large stripes into more than double and I love it! I think the compromise ended up beautiful.

All in all it was a very fun experience and one I would love to do again. But for now, I’m just so excited that we’re FINALLY getting a chance to play with these beautiful new Papers! I still can’t believe I had a hand in helping to design this beautiful Paper Collection! So THANK YOU Jeanette and the CTMH Design Team for allowing me to work alongside you on this very special opportunity. It was lots of fun! <3

Here’s where you can purchase these Freshly Baked Papers from me…

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When you click the ‘Buy Now’ button a new browser window will open up for easy shopping on my Close To My Heart Website.
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As a reminder, this Freshly Baked Collection is available through December 31, 2022 on my Close To My Heart Website. After that, please be sure to check my Studio Stash for additional availability.

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