Get your Toms, you’ll need them for Disney!

My favorite Disney Toms

Ok, aren’t these the CUTEST Toms you’ve EVER seen?!  I *really Really REALLY* need a pair of Cinderella Toms (in a size 9) for Close To My Heart’s upcoming 2015 Consultants Convention!  *hint hint*

As many of you know, on my latest visit to Disneyland I posted this picture of these ADORABLE shoes worn by one talented individual – Tara – and her family members.  We were riding Radiator Springs Racers together and I really didn’t notice the shoes until after the ride was over. So, I had to stop this group of ladies and introduce myself. I gushed over their shoes and then proceeded to tell (Tara) that I needed a pair, as do my girls! I also told her that MANY of my friends would want some, too! LOL  (so don’t prove me wrong friends – please prove me right!)

So here is the information that I promised to everyone:  The artist is Tara.  She hand-painted these adorable shoes.  I have started following her on INSTAGRAM – I also did a search for her blog and found it HERE.  Yay!  It appears that she can be found on PINTEREST, too!  Woohoo!

Tara, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Disney artistry.  I am SO HAPPY that I ran into you that day.  🙂  I have many friends that fell in love with your shoes when I posted a picture of them on my Facebook page, and as promised I have begun sharing your creations with everyone I know.  😉  I hope you see an explosion of success *hugs* to you and thank you for the beautiful Disney art you do!!  8:)

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