Giving Thanks on a day of Thanksgiving

The best holiday of the year (in my opinion) is finally here!  A day of gratefulness and thanksgiving for the blessings we have and a celebration of love among family and friends.  <3

Thanksgiving Graphic by Erin Leigh
Artwork by Erin Leigh

Today, just like every other year, I will be spending the holiday in the loving presence of my family.  It’s the one holiday I look forward to the most each and every year.  I enjoy it because it’s a lot like Christmas only without the commercialism, expectation and expense of having to purchase presents for everyone.  I also love that it’s that one special day during the year that many people remember to give thanks to Jesus for all their blessings.  While we should be doing this every day, I believe this day nudges us into remembering to look upward a little more often.

Today, I am most thankful and grateful to God for my loving family.  My parents are my best friends.  I’m still so very thankful that they are in my life and full of support each and every day.  I have an amazing new husband (of 1 year!) by my side full of thoughtfulness and caring.  He is a great man and provider and loves my girls as his own.  And speaking of my girls, they are all doing well in life, love, health and careers.  They are sweet, caring, faithful, beautiful girls and I couldn’t imagine life without them.  <3  All together we have our health, homes, sweet fur-babies and the blessings of good friends in our lives.  What more could we truly ever need other than the sweet Lord’s hand in everything we do… We are truly blessed beyond measure.  🙂

As for Close To My Heart and my LuLaRoe friends… YOU are like family too!  I am so grateful for your support of my business’ that keep me from having to go out into the world of stifling creativity.  A day doesn’t go by without you on my mind and I thank God immensely for your presence in my life…especially in the moments when we communicate as friends.  <3  I truly hope your cup runneth over today with all the love and blessings you deserve.

Much love and blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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