Create this Hair Therapist Tee!

Let me show you how to create this Hair Therapist Tee!

Hair Therapist t-shirt

While I’m really trying hard not to make too many t-shirt blog posts too close together, I just had to make this Hair Therapist t-shirt to celebrate my daughters promotion to a new salon this week! Yay Becca! I’m so proud of you!

Becca has even invited me to be the first person in her new chair – oh la la! So, I wanted to be sure to come bearing gifts. After all, she deserves it and I know how to make it. Basically a win-win for everyone! Also, because Becca is looking to build her clientele in her no location, I made sure to add her instagram handle to the design. It was super easy! I just used the text tool, picked a readable font and scaled it to fit. Easy peasy.



Provided is a visual list of the products I used to create this fun project. When you click on a link below, a new browser window will open up. This makes it easier to shop my Close To My Heart Website for the items you may need.

Also, at the time of this posting the Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl wasn’t available. I replaced it with the White Heat Transfer Vinyl instead.


  • Cricut Design Space with Cricut Access
  • Weeding Tool
  • Pink T-shirt
  • Cricut Heat Press

Have questions about the ingredients listed above? Please be sure to Contact Me so I can help.


Want to see a quick video on the pressing process? Check out my Leggings, Leaves & Lattes video! I even set it up so that the page will open in another browser window so that you don’t lose your place with this project.

Now let’s get creating!

Cricut Design Space - Hair Therapist Design
  1. Use THIS LINK in Cricut Design Space to access the Hair Therapist. Click Customize.
  2. Next, click on Templates and then search for ‘Tee’. Choose ‘Classic T-shirts’ for your template. You will also want to choose the Type and Size of the t-shirt you will be using.
  3. Position the cut file where you want it on the t-shirt, adjusting the size as needed.
    NOTE: I also left the Instagram address in the template. You can either edit it or delete it. It’s up to you.
  4. Click ‘Make it’ and then click ‘Mirror’ on each of the examples that show in design space. This will ensure that the text is readable when all is said and done. Click Continue.
  5. Set your base material to Everyday Iron On, or to the type of heat transfer vinyl you are using. Begin cutting your pieces.
  6. Weed your vinyl pieces and place them on the t-shirt where you want them.
  7. Check out this Cricut Heat Guide before proceeding. Then, use a Heat Press to press the vinyl pieces to the t-shirt as directed.
  8. Peel when the project has cooled. Wash inside out before wearing.

Don’t you just love it when crafting is this easy? 😉


I hope you enjoyed today’s project. If you have any questions about this project or my instructions please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon with another fun Cricut project soon.

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