Happy foil flower mail

Happy foil flower mail arrived for me yesterday…

Happy foil flower mail

It gives me warm fuzzies to see something other than bills come through my snail-mail box, that’s for sure!

Happy foil flower mail is fun to get!

A big thank you to my friends Cindy and Cary for sending this adorable card to Rafe and I.  It was very unexpected and put a smile on my face, especially after reading the sweet note inside.  :)

Cindy and Cary were married in Maui a couple of months ago.  While I’ve known OF Cindy for several years, I was blessed to have the incredible opportunity to get to know her (and Cary!) better this past January 2016.  I can truly say that I’ve never seen her so happy – Woohoo!

Thank you, Cindy, for the adorable Close To My Heart handmade card and sweet handwritten sentiment inside.  So happy to finally know you, especially during the best years of your life!  You deserve the plethora of happiness coming your way.  *hugs*

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