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Today is Halloween, the scariest day of the year!  …Well, except tax day, but that’s beside the point.  lol

2017 Halloween FamilyThe last couple of years Rafe and I have celebrated Halloween at Disneyland with our family.

The first year (pictured left) the girls and I made our Costumes.  Becca was Tinkerbell.  Alyssa was Winnie the Pooh.  Courtney was the Cheshire Cat.  I was Cinderella.  Rafe was Zombie Mickey even though he should’ve been Prince Charming since that was the year he proposed to me!  …It is what it is.  LOL

Last year (pictured right) the only person that made their Costume was Courtney and she dressed up as the Little Mermaid.  Stephanie (on the left) was Alice.  My dad was a Farmer, but don’t even get me started about how he didn’t go as a Disney Character!  LOL  (Just kidding Dad!)  My Mom is the cute little Minnie in the middle.  Then there is Rafe and I in the back right corner as Mary Poppins and Bert with Alyssa as Black Widow in front of us.

If you have never spent some time down at Disneyland for their Halloween Party, you really need to go!  There is Trick or Treating for everyone with some pretty awesome snacks.  Plus, Main Street is dressed up with all kinds of fun displays and lights and the Fireworks show is, HANDS DOWN, the best one of the entire year!  …I can’t believe we didn’t plan on going this year!  We are already talking about how we will be going next year.  lol

As for this Halloween?

We will be sitting on the couch watching TV.  Rafe may dress up and hand out candy but that’s about it.  Pretty exciting, right?  lol

Whatever YOU decide to do, please stay safe and take lots of pictures.  Halloween pictures are always fun to scrapbook.  🙂  Happy Halloween from my family to yours.  – Blessings <3
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