Happy Thanksgiving 2018 <3

Thanksgiving Day is, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. The one day that looks a lot like Christmas, but the only gifts given are the gifts of thankfulness and grateful hearts.

Me and my DadThis year I am most grateful for the presence of God and His healing hand over my dad’s battle with leukemia. The diagnosis came as an unexpected twist to our world, just as it does in the lives of so many. But while we know we have a long and hard journey in front of us, we also know that through continued prayers, incredible support and little miracles my dad will continue to fight this strong battle and beat this thing to a pulp!

Wedding Day with Family 2016

From the most wonderful parents and husband to the most wonderfully talented kids, I’m always excited to gather around the Thanksgiving dinner table and spend time with these truly amazing individuals. I love to hear their stories as we feed our faces and laugh over the littlest things. These are my humans and I love each of them beyond words.

Convention 2018

But every year my grateful heart wouldn’t be complete without recognizing YOU – my favorite Friends, Customers, Team Members and Blog Followers. Together you afford me the opportunity to live this incredibly wonderful life and do what it is I love the most – CREATE!  I am forever grateful for the opportunity you have gifted me to watch my girls grow up into the wonderfully strong women that they are today.  The experience has truly been priceless for me and I’m still in awe that my decision to join Close To My Heart in 2001 is the beautiful thread that brought you and I together.  I am truly a humbled and blessed woman.  <3

Scappoose Creek Inn Scrapbook Retreat 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 <3

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