In love with Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen in love with Instagram.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite social media apps to use and one that’s inspiring me to start a brand new weekly segment called…

Feature Friday

Each Friday I will be highlighting one of my favorite apps, products, recipes, etc… It’s going to be a place where you can discover (or rediscover) fun products and more.  Sound fun and useful?  Then lets get this thing started!  😉

In love with Instagram…

In Love With Instagram

Like I mentioned earlier, Instagram is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps to use.  It’s based on your likes and interests and is relative to the type of people you decide to follow.  For me, the content I like to have come across my screen are usually motivational quotes, Starbucks related, fun crafting pictures, the adventures of my family and friends, as well as yummy food pics and a whole lotta Disney!  8:)  <—See what I did there?  I put my Disney ears on.

CTMH Stampin' Buds InstagramI’d love to invite you to follow me on Instagram!
My username is @stampinbuds

Here are a few Instagram Tips for you to get started with…

  1. In your profile section, upload a close-up picture of yourself so that your readers get a better idea of who they are following.
  2. Adjust the brightness of your photos before playing with filters in the app.  This makes for a better experience.
  3. Did you know you can use earbuds to take a selfie?  Plug them in, open the camera app, and press the “up” volume button on your earphones to snap your pic.
  4. Typo prone like me?  Change “your” to “you’re” in a jif with the edit button.  Click your photo, triple dots, and then edit.  Easy Peasy!
  5. Want to reply to a comment easier?  Select the comment, swipe left, and click the gray arrow. The person’s handle will appear in the comment box.
  6. Annoying ads?  Instagram adverts are defined by the “Sponsored” label in the top right corner. Click the down arrow and then choose Hide This.

CTMH Products used to make my 4 x 4 Instagram Card…

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