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I’m in love with Lotion!  But not just any brand will do…

In Love with LotionLotion from ARCHIBALD SISTERS is what makes my list for…

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I’d say it was the late 80s when I was first introduced to Archibald Sisters in downtown Olympia, WA by my Aunt Karen.

I remember staying a week each summer (in my teen years) with my Aunt & Uncle but I’m not quite sure if it was to give my parents a break (doubt it!) or to just hang out and help with my Aunt & Uncles little ones.  Either way, I ALWAYS had a great time at their house.

One day in particular my Aunt needed to run a few errands.  Guessing back on that day, I’d have to say that we probably ran to the grocery store, took my cousin to and from gymnastics, grabbed a light lunch, went to my Uncle’s work for a quick surprise visit, and probably went to the gas station and the bank as well.  This day, however, she also made an unexpected stop at an adorable little gift shop to buy a few house-blended lotions.  Oooohhhh!  I became super in awe of the gigantic wall of fragrance oils that stood before me!  The girl behind the counter would pump unscented lotion into an empty bottle and add a few drops of scent, shake it around, jam pack it in and then… I took my first addicting wiff of Vanilla-Coconut and Strawberry-Coconut lotions.  Yummy!  Yummy!  Yummy!  Hooked, I tell you, HOOKED!

Over the years I would pop in and buy new bottles as needed.  However, these days they also do refills on the bottles you bring back to them.  Pretty neat right?  Over time I branched out a bit and bought a few of the coordinating shower gels, massage oils, and perfumes.  I even started trying some new flavors…  Vanilla-Raspberry, Sex-on-the-Beach and Berry Spice just to name a few.

Eventually, my little family moved down south to Portland, OR and most every time we headed north to visit family we would make a pitstop for more lotion.  I began buying the 16oz bottles instead of the 4oz size because I didn’t know how often I’d be making the trip through town.  lol

Then, a couple of years ago I was out to lunch with one of my daughters at our favorite Sushi restaurant and noticed that Archibald Sisters had moved in across the street!  Woohoo!  We immediately wrapped up lunch and high-tailed it across the street so I could buy MORE LOTION, of course!  :)  I now frequent the Portland location more than I do the Olympia location (because it’s closer) but most of my memories belong to the Olympia Store.  However, the gal that works at the Portland store is SUPER nice and VERY friendly.  Love talking with her.  :)

In Love with Lotion?  Here’s their addys…

The Olympia, WA location is at:  406 Capitol Way S

The Portland, OR location is at:  518 NW 21st Avenue

You can even Order Online at:

If you want to get a sampling of their lotions I would suggest the Vanilla-Coconut, Strawberry-Coconut and my newest favorite:  BLUEBERRY!  I usually get it in the Shea Butter or Stardust blend but all their lotions are awesome!

Attention Convention Roomies of mine & Monica & Jeanette at Close To My Heart… I’ve got ya covered.  See you in WDW!  ;)

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