It’s a breakfast fit for a Race Horse Champion!

Rafe and Courtney down on the track

This past Christmas I helped Rafe give the gift of “dates” to his daughter Courtney as a way to have a little daddy/daughter bonding time throughout the year.  (I’ve included a picture of the front page of her mini album at the bottom of this page.  Courtney’s book is made out of the adorable Hopscotch Papers)

For their first date Rafe chose to take Courtney, and her friend Kelsey, to the Portland Meadows race track for breakfast and horse betting.  Courtney had never gone to the track before (and neither had Rafe, up until last year when he revealed his very first date card from me).  So this was going to be a nice relaxing day of learning, good food, and hopefully winning.

Did they learn anything?  Check!  They took the seminar before the day got underway so that both Courtney and Kelsey could learn a little bit more about how to bet on the horses without just choosing which horse had the best sounding name.

January Date to the Horse Races

Did they eat anything good?  Check!  They grubbed on a really yummy breakfast (as seen in the picture).

Rafe and Courtney and the Races

Did they win and money at all?  Well, from what I understand, they didn’t win anything all day until the very last race where they won approximately $18.00!  Not enough to retire on but definitely enough to feel the thrill of victory and recoup a little of what was lost throughout the day.  Nice going everyone!

CTMH 12 Months of Dating Coupons - Hopscotch

I know Courtney opened up her February date card, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to see where the next date card will take them!  😉

Stampin' Buds CTMH Signature

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