Leggings Leaves & Lattes

Leggings Leaves & Lattes Tee? Yes please!

Leggings Leaves & Lattes Tee

This week I decided it would be fun to create something wearable to celebrate the arrival of Fall, so I created this Leggings Leaves & Lattes Tee! Cute right? It was super easy to create and just as much fun to press.

While creating this t-shirt, I also experienced a couple of firsts that I wanted to be sure to talk about…

First #1 – I took iPhone video of the vinyl placement and heat transfer process to see if I could create a shareable video with my readers.

First #2 – I plunked around in iMovie on my computer to see if I could actually make my videos into something decent. Mind you, I’m a total novice at using iMovie, but after some trial and error I found it surprisingly easy to navigate without reading much documentation – Yay!

First #3 – I layered heat transfer vinyl over glitter heat transfer. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how it will hold up in the wash but I’m about to find out! My guess is that it will hold up just fine, but we’ll see.

CTMH Pumpkin Spice Digital Art Collection



Instead of sharing step-by-step instructions this week, I want to share the video I made instead. The video will give you an idea of the shirt making process, and may even have you jonesing for your own Easy Press. Guess we’re about to find out, right? 😉

330° Degrees for 30 seconds. Flip. Press for another 15 seconds. Let cool before peeling. Wash inside-out before wearing.



I hope you enjoyed today’s project as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I love sharing my creative journey and creations with my readers and hope you found something useful today. Be watching my StampinBuds Store where I will be making a few shirts available for those that do not want to make their own. Need something custom? Let’s talk. Have a great day my friend!

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