Lotion & Ice Cream go great together!

Steph & I January Date

A couple of weeks ago my Daughter Stephanie and I had the opportunity to go out and enjoy our January date together.  As you can see in the picture we went out for Ice Cream…but not just any ice cream…

The first part of our date was to one of my favorite stores called Archibald Sisters.  They currently have 2 locations – one in downtown Olympia, WA (which I use to love going to when I would spend the week with my Aunt and Uncle) and then the one they recently opened in downtown Portland, OR on 21st Ave – directly across the street from my favorite sushi bar!

Archibald Sisters Fragances

Archibald Sisters is a lotion bar and gift shop…I usually visit just for the lotions and if I find something fun and unique – bonus!  The cool thing about their lotion bar is that they start out with a bunch of different oils (as seen in the picture above) and will create any flavor of lotion your heart desires.  There are literally hundreds of different combinations you can choose from.  Here’s a look at some of their main lotion line if you don’t have time to create your own scent…

Archibald Sisters Lotion Line

Next, Stephanie and I headed up a couple of blocks to 23rd Ave where Salt & Straw Ice Cream is.  MMMMM!!  You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had Salt & Straw ice cream.  Just check out their menu…

Salt & Straw Menu

Stephanie did a few taste samples before we decided on our choices.  I ended up with the Sea Salt & Carmel Ribbons ice cream on the bottom of my waffle cone with the Pear and Blue Cheese on top.  Believe it or not the Pear and Blue Cheese ice cream is TO DIE FOR!  It had yummy chunks of Blue Cheese and sweet frozen bites of Pear …and when it started mixing together with the Sea Sale and Caramel Ribbon ice cream… Shut the door!  FABULOUS!  The menu changes often and there is usually a line a mile long out the door but we got so lucky on this cold and misty day in January that we were able to just walk up to the counter.  Score!

All in all, it was a great day with Stephanie!

Ice Cream

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