Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world!
I’m Shannon Baker – Close To My Heart Independent Consultant / Maker / Sr. Director / Innovator!
Wow that’s a mouthful, right?

A LOVER of Faith, Family & Friends.
I’m CRAZY for Coffee, Cupcakes & Creativity.
And, I’m MOTIVATED by Memories, Moments & Mickey Mouse!

Meet CTMH Sr. Director Shannon Baker

Yep…I’m a Disney lovin’ paper-craftin’ SuperGrrl with a JuJu-kitty sidekick!  …Meaning, I basically get to spend my days embellishing everything Close To My Heart with my favorite little orange kitty by my side!  Together, we love to immerse ourselves in funny moments, family memories, and all the little things in life that mean the most.  <3

In the beginning…

I began “professionally” playing with paper in 2001 when my girls were just 12, 6 & 2.  We had just moved from Washington to Oregon with their dad’s job and I was finding that being a stay-at-home mom away from family (aka my parents) was super hard on me!  Luckily, I discovered my love of paper-crafting and blogging which really helped me pass the time between family visits.  It also created an awesome opportunity for me to share my family photos online while creating tangible memories on pretty paper.

Girls and JuJu

In early 2009, I found myself going through an unexpected divorce after 23 years of marriage.  Bring on the paper-crafting and girly-time!  I was able to continue working my ‘at-home’ business around the needs and activities of my three girls while creating an income to help us survive.  This was such a huge blessing and an incredible opportunity for me to blossom into the person I am today.

SuperGrrl's Gettin' HitchedIn mid 2010 I met Rafe, a pretty fabulous guy that found it totally awesome that paper-crafting and earning expense paid trips were a thing!  I, of course, had to back up my words so I earned us a trip to Puerto Rico and a Cruise through the Caribbean with all my favorite Close To My Heart friends.  Woot Woot!

Fast forward 5 years to 2015 and this (picture) happened!

The Tower Of Terror… a pretty fitting location when you consider my fear of getting remarried and his fear of me saying no!  lol  All went well, though, and we began looking forward to wedded bliss in the fall of 2016.  <3

If you’ve been on my Stampin’ Buds blog before, you can see that I’m in the process of reorganizing, redesigning and refreshing everything that brings me purpose and joy.  I have been so incredibly blessed in my Close To My Heart journey and I would love to help you experience the same.  I offer paper-crafting kits, as well as, career mentoring opportunities for those searching for a rewarding paper-crafting journey.  PLUS, I’ll even sprinkle in bits of humor and freebies to keep you entertained along the way.  ;)

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Stampin' Buds CTMH Signature

Please feel free to connect with me at shannon@stampinbuds.com to discuss anything Close To My Heart.  I love to make new paper-crafting friends.  <3