Oh Baby Georgie

Oh Baby Georgie Layout…

Oh Baby Georgie

I am in LOVE with this layout.  Do you wanna know why?  Not only is it cute but my daughter Becca made it!  She just sat down in my craft studio one afternoon and actually wanted to create something.  I was like …Wait, what?!  That NEVER happens!  LOL

Becca fell in love with the super cute Chevron pattern that comes in Close To My Heart’s adorable Georgie Paper Packet.  I’m assuming she was just feeling extra creative that particular day.  I mean, I wasn’t about to ask for fear that she may never do it again.  lol  Or maybe she’s just prepping me because she wants something big.  It’s this running joke in our family that Becca is like the adorable Katie Ryan in the video below…especially when we’re out shopping with Grandma – lol!

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to have Becca in my craft studio working along side of me.  I adore that girl to pieces and it was fun to watch her use the Cricut for the first time, design a page all by herself, and even try to keep Mr. Kimble (her fur friend) off the table.

Oh Baby Georgie Recipe:

Thank you so much for being a guest designer on my blog Becca.  I had a great time spending the afternoon creating and collaborating with you.  I love our mom and daughter days and the time we get to spend together.  I think I’ll hold onto this layout for you so that you can either give it to a friend that has a baby or keep it for your own.  I love you Becca!

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