Our Story Album and Online Class!

How my ‘Our Story’ Album Class was born…

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to start an ‘Our Story’ wedding album for my daughter Becca & her new hubby Koby. However, the more I pushed their main photo around the page, the more frustrated I became – grr! Then, the thought of having to drop everything and run off to get a photo enlarged just didn’t excite me.  So instead, I did the next best thing…

I sliced and diced and viola! – The ‘Our Story’ album was finished (times 2) AND my Online Class was born!

Our Story - Everyday Life Album

As you can see, I used completely different paper suites for each of the 2 albums I ended up creating. Becca and Koby needed purples and mauves to complement their wedding picture so I chose the ‘True Love’ paper suite for theirs. My youngest daughter, Alyssa and her boyfriend Andres, needed something with more earth tones to complement their adorable photo together. So, I chose ‘The World is Yours’ papers and it was perfect!

While the colors of each book differ, I created each album exactly the same because it was easiest that way. Then, I purposely wrote my class instructions to accommodate ANY patterned papers and colors that my class attendees may use.

All in all, my girls LOVE their new books and I’m excited to help you make yours, as well.

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