52 Paper Crafting Organization tips

How would you like to take a tour around my StampinBuds Studio and tackle some Paper Crafting Organization in 2022? Each week I will be highlighting the different ways I organize my Paper Crafting products. Whether it be organization for pretty papers and inks, stamp sets, or even my in-progress projects… there’s sure to be a valuable nugget of inspiration waiting for you in the weeks to come. So, let’s get started!

Week 1: The IKEA Kallax

IKEA Kallax - Paper Crafting Organization

When it comes to Paper Crafting Organization, I figure the best place to start is with my Ikea Kallax unit. This is the main focal piece in my StampinBuds Studio and the one item that contains the majority of everything I create with on a daily basis. While I won’t be diving into the contents of each cube today, you can rest assured that each cube will be a topic of discussion in the weeks to come.

When shopping for an Ikea Kallax, please take note that it comes in many sizes. For many years I had a unit that was 4 cubes wide by 4 cubes tall. When we moved into our new home in 2020 I decided to expand to a 5 x 5 unit because I had the space for it and wanted to store more goodies. I also purchased a 3 x 3 unit and a couple of 1 x 4 units, which I will (also) take the time to explore in the weeks to come.

The cost of the 5 x 5 Kallax runs about $179 before tax, plus optional shipping fees for those that don’t live near a store. It’s also super easy to put together. While there are a variety of different options to house the majority of your Paper Crafting supplies in (like boxes, hutches, shelving, etc.), I highly encourage you to seek out what works best for YOU and your creative space.

Want a shelving unit instead? Consider Elfa…

Elfa Shelving from the Container Store

Another great product I used prior to my Kallax was the Elfa Shelving Units system from The Container Store. These are great if you want to organize your products in a display on your wall or if you need to build up above a desk or similar item. The downside to this type of option is that you have to secure it to a wall with heavy screws and the shelving pieces can get pricy depending on how many you need. All-in-all it’s still a great product, though, and one I would highly recommend.

Drop a note into the comment section below and tell me what you are currently using to store most of your Paper Crafting supplies!

Week 1 | Week 2

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  1. Most of my paper is in rolling carts under my desk. I keep the current packs in a small vertical holder on top of my desk. Scraps to everything are in the same bag as the full sheets, but in the back. I have one cart for cardstock, 2 carts for paper packs, 1 for non-CTMH paper, and 1 for retired cardstock colors.

  2. My paper storage is a desk/shelf until built for me by my son in law. I store all the paper in Romanoff Vertical files (which I can’t get any more ☹️) on the shelves. I use the desk part to just stack stuff lol! Had to have him make me another desk! Always looking for a better way to store things. I did purchase some of the CTMH desk storage items and am trying to make it work for me!

  3. As I didn’t win the CraftBox give away (again) this is a definite alternative. How well does it hold up to weight, climate (temp changes). I live in MN and AZ so heat to cold!! And moisture. Thanks for doing this. I need ideas…especially space saving ideas!!

  4. How timely! On the weekend before Christmas, I added an Ikea Kallax 4×4 and a 2×4 to store my crafting products. The 4×4 goes out of stock regularly so I had to act quickly when it became available. I’m very interested in how you organize your supplies as I have filled all 24 cubes and still have more supplies that need proper storage! Maybe I just have too much stuff! Can you have too many paper crafting supplies? 🙂

  5. I have the 5×5 Kallax and heavy duty garage type shelf units. I couldn’t find paper storage holders that fit in the cubbies like yours do, so ended up moving the paper to the heavy duty garage shelving that’s in the closet (also keeps it out of the light).

  6. I recently bought the 5 x 5 Kallax. I can’t wait to hear what products you are using for the paper storage.

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