52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips – Week 23

Welcome to Week #23 of my 52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips and StampinBuds Studio tour. Did you miss last week’s topic? I talked about a Shaker Card Organization, so be sure to check that out.

This week I want to show you how I organize my Journal Pens!

Week 23: Journal Pen Caddy!

Journal Pen Caddy

My mom had purchased a couple of these cute little Tool Caddy’s at our local Craft Store and decided she didn’t need more than one. So, she asked me if I could use it and I, of course, said: “Heck yeah!” …and that’s how I got one of these cutie patootie’s in my possession.

As you can see, I decided to store my Close To My Heart Journal Pens in it. This way I don’t have to dig around a drawer for the perfect point size that I need when I’m journaling on my layouts.

Currently I’m storing both my Black and Pewter Journal Pens in three different sizes – .01, .03, .05, along with my White Gel Pens in sizes .05, .08, .10. I simply keep the point-size information facing outward for easy viewing and I just have the unit sitting in one of the cubes of my Ikea Kallax.

As far as the actual Tool Caddy goes, the top is made of a silica gel and has up to 26 compartments for storing craft items. You can also get these in a few different colors.

To learn more about the Tool Caddy, please click my affiliate link below…

Tool Cady

Also, keep in mind, just because I have placed an affiliate link here doesn’t mean I’m making millions. I’ll be lucky if I make an extra penny, but I gotta start somewhere right?

If you have any questions about my Tool Caddy or what you can store in it, please don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s what I’m here for.

Do you have Paper Crafting Organization questions?

Please be sure to leave your questions in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to share a solution with you in an upcoming blog post.

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  1. I have one on my desk for pens, pencils, and small tools. I love it! I also have one in my crop bag along with most of the same items I use at home so it’s all ready for my table when I’m at a crop!

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