52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips – Week 40

Welcome to Week #40 of my 52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips and StampinBuds Studio tour. Did you miss last week’s topic? I talked about the Drawer Organization for my Vinyl! Be sure to check it out.

This week I want to show you something I recently decided to use in my Studio…

Week 40: Colorful Photo Boxes

Colorful Photo Boxes - Paper Crafting Organization
Z5020 Photo Organizer

I have several 4 x 6 clear Photo Boxes in my Studio. Many are from the awesome Photo Organizer that Close To My Heart now carries, which I first talked about in Week 35.

Well, I’ve decided to take my organization a step further by purchasing a box of Colorful Photo Boxes and here’s how I intend to use them…

As a Close To My Heart Maker (Consultant) I try to keep my current products separate from my retired product. This way it’s easier for me to offer a Kit or Workshop where I’m showing product that is still available to the masses.

Well, over the years I’ve accumulated many things from leftover stickers, unused Cricut Cuts and so many other things. After each catalog cycle these items usually end up in a box and stuffed into the back of my closet with an intent to use them up… eventually. All this does is create less room in my Studio for fun. Well, not any more! It’s time to organize by COLOR.

From now on, any time I retire something that is small like stickers, brads, gems, etc. I will put them in its coordinating colored Photo Box. For example, Red items will go in the Red box. Blue items in the Blue box, and so on. Make sense? This way when I need to add something of a certain color to a personal project I’ll know EXACTLY where to find it.

Next week, I will show you the bigger picture for organizing by color and talk about items that are too big to fit in a Photo Box. See you then!

Do you have Paper Crafting Organization questions?

Please be sure to leave your questions in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to share a solution with you in an upcoming blog post.

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