52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips – Week 47

Welcome to Week #47 of my 52 Paper Crafting Organization Tips and StampinBuds Studio tour. Did you miss last week’s topic? I talked about Scrap Bins for impromptu projects. Be sure to check it out.

This week I want to talk about…

Week 47: Bookends

Bookends A to Z

Whether you have a small amount of books or a large amount, I highly recommend investing in some adorable bookends! I chose these A-to-Z Bookends because I wanted something simple yet shabby chic. I also wanted to have space to grow my collection, as needed, and not combine them to a cubby.

Right now I have several books in my collection, as well as some that I haven’t put up on my shelf yet. I’ve actually been thinking about getting another pair of bookends so that I can separate my reading into two groups: Papercrafting and Personal reads. I would put my personal reads in my bedroom so that I can do some reading before bed. Whereas my Papercrafting books would stay in my studio to help me with inspiration.

How do you store your physical reading library? I’d love to say that I’m one of those people that have converted to a kindle or something similar, but I’m not. There’s just something about turning a page and using a bookmark that gives me great satisfaction.

Do you have Paper Crafting Organization questions?

Please be sure to leave your questions in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to share a solution with you in an upcoming blog post.

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