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Photo with Stacy Julian

I have to say, staying at home has its advantages! Not that I wasn’t already working from home before the pandemic, but now I’m choosing to be more structured and intentional with my creative time by learning something new. So, I’ve decided to take a couple of online courses with Stacy Julian – guru of preserving family memories with superb story-telling capabilities.


20-in-20 with Stacy Julian

Last year I signed up for Stacy’s 20-in-20 class where she guided us through 20 projects in 2020. …Yeah, I kinda fell flat on my face on this one, but it’s only because I should’ve been more intentional about my creative time and my intentions. I ended up getting about 5 projects done overall, so it wasn’t like it was a total loss. But I did squander the opportunity to learn from Stacy through all the videos and supplements she provided throughout the year. So, this year I’m refocusing on this class and renaming it 20-in-21. I just feel the need to get my money’s worth and also make some pretty awesome projects.

I’ve also added TWO new courses to my plate…

Story 52

Story 52 with Stacy Julian

The first class I signed up for is Story 52 by Stacy Julian. This class will have me creating a scrapbook story page each week based off a deck of cards that pick several categories for me. This will become the first project I start for my 20-in-21 homework. It’s my hope that this innovative class will help rejuvenate my passion for creating and encourage me to become more detailed in my story-telling.

Photo Freedom

Photo Freedom with Stacy Julian

Next, after hearing fabulous things about Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom class, I decided to give it a whirl. This class will be walking me through an updated version of the Library of Memories system that Stacy put together years ago. My guess is that the program has been updated to benefit those of us, like myself, that store our photos on our phone. Whether it’s sorting them in a beneficial way (like we did in 20-in-20) or perhaps actually printing them…I’m up for the challenge!

Style Anything

Lastly, as if I haven’t piled on enough, I’ve decided to take on one more class! Several years ago, I paid out a sizable chunk of money for a ‘Style Anything’ course and only printed out the documentation – Oy! Life got busy or I got lazy, not really sure which. The course was suppose to teach me how to style any element on my blog, such as .CSS coding, without breaking it. I am self taught in HTML but any time I touch .CSS coding I usually end up breaking something on my blog. UGH! So it’s time to go through this course, expand my coding knowledge, and actually get my money’s worth out of what I paid for.

While it looks like I have a full plate this year, I really don’t. The things I’m doing will be helping me to create better artwork, inspiration, classes, tutorials, and blog content for YOU! I’m excited to get things underway and I hope you are ready to see the fruits of ALL THE THINGS I’m learning in these classes this year. <3

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