Paper Pattern Mixing makes me happy!

Pattern Mixing made easy!

I’d love to say that “Pattern Mixing is all the rage right now!” …But we both know it’s really not. It’s pretty much been ‘a thing’ for decades. …And, while we may not be the experts at it like we think we are, each of us give pattern mixing a good solid try on a daily basis. For example…

How did you choose your outfit today?

Mixing pretty papers for scrapbooking and cardmaking is no different then choosing your outfit. We tend to make a subconscious, or sometimes unconscious, decision based on what pleases our eye and what best represents our current mood.

For me, I particularly like stripes, polka dots, gingham, plaids and soft solids because they make me happy. Seldom will I choose a bold print or a primary color… but it does happen!

What kind of patterns make you happy?
If you need help, your closet may lend a subtle clue.

Step 1: The Art of Pattern Mixing

CTMH Something Fierce Paper Packet

First off, while there are several do’s and don’ts there is no right or wrong way to approach creativity or, in this case, pattern mixing.

For this particular project, I was challenged to make a card using a single piece of patterned paper from Close To My Heart’s Something Fierce Paper Pack. I was also challenged to document my creative process here on my blog by sharing a rare glimpse into ‘the crazy’ that I call my brain.

Ballerine Stripe Paper

Challenge accepted!

I started off by choosing this beautiful pink-striped paper from the Something Fierce Paper Pack. I chose it because I love pink, I love stripes and it also whispers softly to my feminine side. It makes me think of girly birthday’s, shabby chic decor, Easter, and newborn baby girls that are sugar and spice and everything nice! Basically all the fixin’s for something beautiful, right?

Since I didn’t want to make a card that only utilized one pattern of paper, I considered some of the other patterns from the Something Fierce paper pack, as well. While I could’ve used the Raspberry Ombré paper or the cute Polka Dot paper, making a monochromatic card just didn’t jazz me. So, I decided to give the Mix-in’s Paper Pack a try. I simply laid out all of the patterns in front of me (see the photo at the top of this page) and picked 3-4 patterns that worked well with my pink-striped beauty!

Next, since I was challenged to make a card, I figured my best bet would be to pull out my Make it From Your Heart Volume 4 Book and settle on a design. I chose number 15 on pages 34 & 35. …THEN, I took a lunch break before putting my creativity to the test – lol!

Step 2: The Creative Process…

After lunch, I dove back into the creative process by putting my ‘crazy’ to work and this quote came to mind…

“This is crazy – This is crazy – This is crazy!”
– National Lampoon’s Vacation, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase)

Truth be told, this is the part of the process that takes me the longest. The decision making. I can barely make a choice as to what I should make for dinner let alone how to orient my papers to create a work of heART!

Pattern Mixing #1

I start asking myself stuff like…

  • Do I want to have a pink, white, or pink/white layered background?
  • Does the pink/white background complement my color scheme or is it too muted?
  • Which side of the pink cardstock looks better, dark or light?
  • Could I brighten the card up by trying a coordinating grey cardstock?
Pattern Mixing #2
  • Do I like the white, grey, or white/gray background?
  • Dark or light side of the grey cardstock?
  • Do I like this better than the pink examples? …I think I do! Left-side grey it is!

SEE?! Crazy-cuckoo! But, how do we know what looks best if we don’t play around with all the different options available to us, right?

As I started adhering the papers to the front of my card, my brain began to churn again! Do I want to make a baby card? An Easter card? Perhaps a Mother’s Day or Thinking of you card? Decisions! Decisions! But since the pattern mixing part is truly behind me, I am able to skip ahead and show you my finished card – Yay!

Something Fierce Thank You Card

What do you think? Great Baby Shower Thank You card?

My ‘Heartful Thank You’ Card Recipe:

Have questions about this card or my creative process? I’d love to talk with you. Please feel free to leave my a message in the comment section below.

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