Rain Check Dating is fun!

This month we did a little ‘Rain Check’ Dating. Yep! We made sure to get caught up on a couple of dates we had gotten behind on.

First up? Our April date card…

Rain Check Dating - 12 Months of Dating Series

My parents decided to take their RV over to Spirit Mountain Casino for one last hoorah of the season and we decided to tag along!  While we didn’t really gamble much we played a few penny slots and enjoyed a nice lunch at the buffet.  We also really didn’t take any pictures since we didn’t win a million so there was no cause for celebration.

Next up in our Rain Check Dating?

Our Mini-Golf date card to a place called Glowing Greens in Portland, OR which turned out to be pretty fun!

12 Months of Dating - Pirate style

Basically everything is painted up with neon glow-in-the-dark paint and it’s all decorated with a Pirate’s theme.  It costs around $10.00 for 18 holes and you can pay $1.50 more and get 3D glasses.  We didn’t purchase the glasses but we will next time!  We found a pair of glasses on one of the greens so we picked them up and tried them out. It was way cool!  But, of course, the best part of this date was that I was the winner! (As usual!)

Here are a couple of pictures we took…

Glowing Greens Mini Golf

It’s a Captain’s Party Zone when you Mini-Golf to a black light!

Glowing Greens Mini Golf

Kinda hard to get a good picture when the whole place is a black light special.

12 Months of Dating at Glowing Greens Mini Golf

And of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to show that we were both there.

Want to check out our previous date? You can do so HERE.

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