How to Re-ink your Ink Pads

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Recently a friend of mine asked me, “How often do you Re-ink your Ink Pads?” And while I would’ve loved to have given her a concrete answer, I basically said that it depended on how much use they get.

Think about it for a moment…

  • What happens when you leave the lid off of an ink pad for any amount of time? Yep! Your ink pad starts the process of drying out.
  • What about all that tap-tap-tapping we do to ink up an image? It’s considered normal wear-and-tear as it removes the ink out of the pad.

So what can you do about this? You can start by quenching the thirst of your pads by using a few squirts of Re-inker!

Let me show you how…

Super easy, and it only took about 15 seconds! Crazy, right? While I recommend that you give the ink around 5-10 minutes to soak into your Ink Pad… Let’s be honest, I usually don’t! LOL I just don’t have the patience when I’m in the middle of a project, but maybe you do?

A couple of other tips for keeping your Close To My Heart Ink Pads in tip-top shape include:

  • Make sure to put the lid on your pad after each use.
  • Also, because of Close To My Heart’s unique design, you will want to store your Ink Pads with the front label side UP. This way the ink can make its way to the inverted surface between each use.

Need INKS?

Close To My Heart has a BEAUTIFUL selection of Re-inkers to match their gorgeous Ink Pad selection. 41 + 2 different Blacks to be exact! So be sure to shop my Close To My Heart Website for the perfect color Ink Pad for your next project! And don’t forget to grab the coordinating ReInker so that you can Re-ink your Ink Pads when the time is right.

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