Retired Sarsaparilla Memories

I went Photo Album Diving this week!  Meaning, I literally just grabbed an album off of my shelf and opened it up to a random layout with pictures on it to share with my blog readers.  Funny how I was just mentioning memories of Cody-boy last week in a blog post and now I’m posting about his again this week…

CTMH Sarsaparilla Memories

Look how sweet he is with his little friend Chippy that misses him so much!  🙁

Cody loved playing ball.  He loved being active.  He was also the biggest scaredy cat when it came to things like water or walking along a busy road.  Kinda makes me laugh to think about it, actually.

Cody ADORED my parents.  Probably because my mom was always handing out treats by the bag full!  When Cody would see my parents car pull up in the driveway, he would let out a huge tone-deaf cry and wouldn’t stop until he got every bit of lovin’ from greeting my parents.  Then he would curl up in my moms lap and lean against her for hours so that she couldn’t get up.  lol  We so miss him terribly!

While I would love to post a recipe for this layout, most of the Close To My Heart products used have since retired.  What I can tell you about this layout, though, is that I used the Sarsaparilla Paper Pack.  It looks like I also did a lot of hand stitching, stamping and embossing.  I used Buttons, Brads, and Eyelets… oh how I miss Brads and Eyelets – seriously SO MUCH!  I also did a lot of edge distressing and page tearing.  But the biggest thing to take notice of is that I actually added pictures AND journaling!  Wowza!  lol  For those of you that truly know me, that IS a big deal!  Don’t let this Close To My Heart Consultant facade fool you… I still have way too many pictures on my phone!  #therealshannonbaker

Have a happy day everyone! – Blessings <3
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