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Well for starters, Rock & Roll Stamping doesn’t require any specific genre of music. In fact, it doesn’t require any music at all… it’s completely optional.

Rock & Roll Stamping is simply a stamping technique that PaperCrafters use to add more color and life to an otherwise monotone image. It’s also a technique that’s really easy to do and probably one of the first techniques a new PaperCrafter may try.

Here’s a quick little video I created showing you single stamping vs. the Rock & Roll technique…

Wasn’t that fun? Now it’s your turn to try it…

Simply grab a solid Stamp image, a couple of coordinating Ink Pads, and some White Daisy Cardstock to begin. Then it’s just practice makes perfect!

Extra TIPS:

  • Be sure that when you roll the edges of your image into the 2nd Ink color that you keep the center of your stamp from touching the ink pad.
  • When using 2 colors of Ink or more, always clean your image in between each new use. Otherwise, you will see muddy Ink colors on both your Ink Pads and your paper.

Interested in learning more Stamping Techniques? Check out THIS LINK. If you don’t see the technique you’re looking for, please drop me a note and let me know what you would like me to teach next!

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