Scrapbooking meets the Portland Comic Con

Comic Con Logo Portland

So I bet you’re wondering how the Scrapbooking world and the Comic Con world have collided, right?  As part of my “12 months of dating” series I made a book for my boyfriend to give to his 16 year old son for Christmas and the first “date” Rafe decided to take his son too was the Portland Comic Con convention.

Rafe & Cody Comic Con Portland

They decided to go on a Saturday to check out what this convention was all about.  It sounds like they had a pretty good time and that there were a ton of people dressed up like all kinds of familiar characters.  As you can see Rafe dressed up in his Agents of Shield t-shirt – ooooh!  😉  They pretty much spent the entire day at the convention and had the opportunity to talk to some of the celebrities that attended the event.  Pretty cool indeed!

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