Every girl needs a Shimmer Brush in her world!

Raise your hand if you’re IN LOVE with Close To My Heart’s Shimmer Brush selection…  I am too!

For those that haven’t experienced this amazing product yet, can I ask what you’re waiting for?  Every girl needs a Shimmer Brush in her crafty world and this quick 1-minute video (created by my friend Karen!) will show you how to get started…

Wasn’t that awesome?  I love it when things are that simple!

The CTMH Shimmer Brush comes in 3 fabulous colors – Clear, Bashful & Gold!

CTMH Shimmer Brush - Clear, Bashful, Gold

Want a little extra versatility in color?  Try adding a few drops of ReInker into the barrel to create your own colors!  Imagine how your flower leaves could stand out just by mixing some Green Reinker into the Gold brush.  Or, Crystal Blue reinker into the Clear brush for a shimmery shine to vacation waters… the possibilities are endless!

Need to be able to tell which brushes you have altered?  Try mixing a few drops of ReInker into some Liquid Glass so that you can color the top of the lid!  Easy peasy, but just remember to give it at least 20 minutes to dry so you don’t have a mess.

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