‘Short Story’ is visual storytelling that’s meaningful!

Build your creative intuition and storytelling skills to share your memories with Short Story!

The second product in the Story by Stacy line is HERE and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I was first introduced to this brilliant book at Close To My Heart’s annual Convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada – 2018.  Stacy Julian was our guest speaker and she presented her new Short Story product in a fast paced, no-nonsense class.  Man was it ever good!  Stacy also walked us through how to create a visual storybook without lots of pre-planning and pre-pepping like we would normally do when we scrapbook.  It was freeing and refreshing… a new twist on the creative process, for sure!

Here’s what comes in the new Short Story Kit…

Plus, you can even add on this adorable Simply Said Alphabet Stamp Set to really dress your story up!  I know it’s going to become one of my favorites in a hurry!

Would you like me to do a local class?  Please drop me a message and let me know.  Both books in the Story by Stacy line make great gifts!

Have a happy & blessed day! <3

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