Story 52 – Week 3

It’s Week #3 of my Story 52 journey with Stacy Julian and I’m now 3 for 3 in the creating department. Woohoo! I was pretty sure I was going to fail this week because the cards Rafe dealt me required some heavy duty thinking on my part! Here’s what he dealt me…

  • People we love.
  • Product.
  • Conversation.
  • Phrase Fun.

My Story 52 Week 3 thought process:

The ‘people we love’ card didn’t require any thought for me. I’ll do a page about my bestie Jamie!

The ‘product’ part didn’t come as naturally, though. I knew I would most likely start with patterned paper, but until I could come up with an idea for the two remaining cards, this was kinda on hold.

The last two cards, ‘conversation’ and ‘phrase fun’, had me completely stumped! I immediately starting wondering, “Should I throw these cards back into the deck and have Rafe draw again?” and “Should I bend the rules of the challenge to make it easier on myself?”

Ultimately, I decided that my goal for this Story 52 class is to respect the process. If I’m not letting it make me feel uncomfortable, how will I grow? So, I decided to go ahead and let these subjects keep me up at night, tossing and turning and pondering my choices. …But believe me, I still tried to allow myself to bail numerous more times – lol

In the end, after viewing some classroom examples, I decided to focus on a conversation that Jamie and I frequently start off with through text messaging. This became my title. I also decided that I would use the phrase, “Not in my wildest imaginings…” which is one of 7 choices that Stacy is urging us to use from the back of the phrase fun card.

Once I picked my phrase it was easy to pick my paper. I immediately chose the pretty Cloud paper from Close To My Heart’s Sweet Safari Paper Pack to represent my ‘imaginings’ – it just seemed right.

Story 52 - Week 3 Prep

Then, once I had the base of what I wanted to create, I printed a beautiful photo of Jamie and began the assembly process. I pulled in colors from the photo and mixed in some additional coordinating papers from other paper packs. This page turned out stunning in person, so vibrant and bright. I also love that I have finally documented a page about why I love my bestie.

Here’s my finished page…

Story 52 - Jamie


Have questions? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. Until next week, stay healthy and creative my friend!

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