Story 52 – Week 5

If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t sure I would get my Story 52 Week #5 page done this week. I’ve made it a personal goal to blog about my page journey every Sunday. But to go down in flames after only 4 weeks? That would be a devastating blow to the consistency I’m trying to create. Luckily, though, I some how squeaked it in just in time – Yay! …Well except for one element, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

My cards this week were dealt by my youngest daughter Alyssa. Here’s what she dealt me…

  • People We Love.
  • Story.
  • Letter.
  • Mix It Up.

My Story 52 Week 5 thought process:

First off, no fancy picture this week. I literally just posted the cards up on my magnetic board as my visual and thought to myself, “This page is going to be EASY PEASY! I will do my story and letter about Alyssa.”

It wasn’t and I couldn’t. Let me explain…

Story 52 - Week 4 Prep

I spent a full day trying to figure out what story I could tell. Then I reread the ‘People We Love’ card again very closely – Extended family, friends & family history. …Extended family? This means a story about Alyssa is out since she is part of my ‘This is us’ category. Well poo! Now who will I write about? Back to the drawing board and restless nights – lol! I’m pretty sure this process isn’t suppose to be hard. I’m really good at overthinking things in a BIG way, though, always have been.

After much thought, I decided to write my story about my first interaction with Jeanette Lynton, founder of Close To My Heart. Next, I would need to find 3 photos of Jeanette taken at 3 different points in time. As I went looking for these photos I began to realize that I hadn’t taken very many – eek! However, I’m content in knowing the reason why. It’s because I’ve always wanted to give others the opportunity to have their first encounters, too. Thankfully, though, I found one really great picture of Jeanette and I together, which is all I really need, right?

Reflections Book
Reflections - Title Topper Basic

The next thing I did was pull out the first book Jeanette published in a series of many called Reflections. I decided to design my page based off of her Title Topper-Basic sketch, and altered it as needed. I even snapped a photo with my iPhone to give you an idea of what I was visually working with.

Here’s my finished Story 52 page…

Overall, I feel it went together super easy. For embellishments, I didn’t feel it needed much of anything. So, I only used a piece of ribbon which gave the overall page a ‘little black dress’ feel. This page, could quite possibly be the simplest page I’ve ever completed – lol. Crazy!

As mentioned earlier, though, there’s one thing I still need to add before I can call this page complete. I need to write my letter to Jeanette. I’ll do that by adding a Flip Flap where my story is. This way my letter will sit underneath my story so that it’s hidden from view. If someone wants to view it, they can simply just lift the flap.


Have questions? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. Until next week, stay healthy and creative my friend!

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