Story 52 – Week 6

Yep, it was another challenging week for my Story 52 journey based on the cards I was dealt. I’m starting to think that there will always be at least one card that challenges me, but that’s good right? Without a challenge, how will I learn and grow?

My cards this week were dealt, once again, by Rafe. Here’s how it went…

  • All the things.
  • Technique.
  • List-it.
  • Make it Big.

My Story 52 Week 6 thought process:

Once again, I simply posted the cards up on my magnetic board so I could ponder them for a day or two.

Story 52 - Week 6 Prep

When it comes to these cards each week, the card that dictates where I will start my process is card number 2. This means I needed to start with a Technique this week and I knew instantly that I wanted to try heat transfer vinyl on cardstock.

As usual, I asked Rafe for help in coming up with an idea for this week’s subject. However, in the end, he said to me that perhaps I thought all his answers were stupid. Nooooo! (but shaking my head yes – lol). He really only tossed out some silly answers to be funny. And that’s ok! We had fun with it! …But the fact still remained… I was truly struggling with a subject for this week’s page!

During a phone conversation with my daughter Becca, I was telling her a little bit about my struggle and she gave me the idea of doing a list of things about Close To My Heart. Hmmm! …That’s when my brain sprung into action and I was able to get to work immediately. Being that my 20th anniversary with Close To My Heart was coming up within a matter of days (February 15th!), it only seemed appropriate to list 20 things I love about Close To My Heart.

The bonus? It became the companion page to the page I did last week!

Here is my finished page for this week…

Story 52 - 20 Years CTMH

As you can see, there is nothing fancy about this page. There also aren’t any photos. I didn’t feel like it needed any.

Story 52 - Jeanette 20 Years

Even though I used different fonts and the ’20’ seems a bit overpowering, I feel the story from last week coupled with my 20 reasons for loving Close To My Heart work perfectly together. After all, isn’t the goal of creating single pages to connect with a second page that complements it in color? It is for me!


Have questions? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. Have a great week!

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