Introducing Story Deck!

Z9931 Story Deck by Stacy Julian

I am so over-the-moon excited to introduce you to a brand new product called Story Deck! It’s seriously a fun game-changer for Scrapbookers and I’m super excited to start using it
and hope that you are too.


Story Deck is a way to ‘gamify’ the process of telling your stories in a super fun way.

Simply deal yourself a Ready, Set, Go and Bonus Card and let the deck guide you through the process of unexpected storytelling.

There are 4 different types of cards in the deck and each has a purpose for helping you push past possibilities to a place of productivity.

  • The Ready card invites you to document a specific story topic.
  • Set card invites you to use a particular approach with your memories, designs, photos, or words.
  • The Go card directs you to use something specific, like a technique, product or color.
  • And finally, a Bonus card will challenge you to strengthen skills or try something new!
Z9931 Story Deck by Stacy Julian

The Card Deck possibilities and combinations are practically endless! Plus it’s super fun to use!
I’m excited to share some layouts with you!

Here is my ‘Work or Play’ Layout…

Work or Play Layout

Here is the very first layout I created. It celebrates ‘Work or Play’ based off the dealing of the Story Deck.

On this layout I share a little bit about how my work and play are tied together. I also talk about the tiniest, but most monumental, moments that led to each life enhancement over the last several years. This is not something I would’ve normally thought of scrapbooking about, but because of Story Deck I was able to identify and connect these stories together in such a special way. Simply incredible!


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