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Becoming a StoryTeller became much easier for me once Stacy Julian partnered with Close To My Heart back in 2017.

In a class I attended, Stacy introduced us to a new line of products called Story by Stacy. These products are designed to teach us how to create authentic personal stories with our memories. Needless to say, it’s changed my outlook on the way I’ve been scrapbooking up until now. And now, I want to teach the same story process to YOU in my new StoryTeller Class!

Tell your Story
StoryTeller Guide

MORE DETAILS about my StoryTeller Class will be arriving SOON! In the meantime, you’ll want to purchase the new StoryTeller Bundle (left)! This will grant you FREE CLASS ACCESS!

The new StoryTeller guide gathers the writing tools Story Starter, Short Story, and Stories I Love in one convenient place. It also includes some additional instructions/examples along with a new writing tool and creative process called Extended Story!

Here are the additional products that make up the awesome Story by Stacy Line…

Discover the joy of storytelling with Story Starter!

Story Starter is designed to help you access your detailed memories and turn them into small stories you’ll treasure forever. The instructional workbook guides you through creating an album that tells the story of a person, place or thing. Plus, the 4″ size makes it a great gift and keepsake for small hands and those you love.


Short Stories by Stacy Julian

Next, build your creative intuition and storytelling skills to share your memories with Short Story!

This instructional workbook walks you through the process of visual storytelling. You’ll gather a large group of photos and top them off with a personal story written at the end.

Perfect for an event where you’ve taken a ton of photos but only need a summary of the days events!

Stories I Love by Stacy Julian

Stories I Love gives you a place to gather the photos and stories that mean the most to you!

The instructional workbook explains how to explore the memories behind the photos. Then you’ll turn those memories into a detailed story that captures all the elements of a moment.

I’m excited to help you fall in love with the process of storytelling as much as I have! So, just let me know when you’re ready to get started.

Story Starter | Short Story | Stories I Love | Extended Story