Have you seen them?  Those gorgeous, one-photo pages that are only half of a scrapbook layout?  This week for my Stampin’ Buds design team duties, I wanted to see if I could make a page that could either be a one page, frame-worthy 12×12 piece or one side of a two-page layout.

Here’s the solo:

And here’s the two-page layout:

And here’s a close up to show you a bit of the detail:

I’ve never done a “clean and simple” scrapbook layout before.  I think I’m pretty happy with this. What do you think???

There really isn’t a lot to explain.  The one slightly tricky thing I did was to bend the Slate Twisty Ties so they had a little wave to them.  I adhered them with Liquid Glass (love that stuff!!).  And to get the edges of my script background to fade out, I simply dabbed the edges with a wet rag before stamping.

Now the question is where to put this: in a frame on my wall or in a scrapbook.

Until next time,


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