Thanks a Bunch

Thanks a Bunch Connie & Dennis!

Thanks a Bunch

Every Thursday is Thankful Thursday, in my opinion.  The one day of the week that I propose everyone should take a moment to spread a little snail mail and sentiments to someone deserving in their life.

Today, I have chosen to create a Thank You Card for my former neighbor, Connie.  Connie and her husband Dennis lived across the street from my little family and I for more than 14 years.  They were there well before we moved in during the summer of 2014.  I really didn’t know much about them because we kind kept to our side of the street and they kept to theirs.  But we would do the occasional wave and they have always been very nice, friendly and helpful when we have talked.

In 2014, I lost my family home to foreclosure because of stuff relating to my ex-husband.  (Grrr!)  My parents, Rafe, and I spent our Valentine’s Day weekend (2015) moving out of my family home until we were absolutely exhausted!  23 years worth of furniture and family memories…yeah, we ended up having to leave a lot of things behind.

Over the past weekend, my parents and I decided to return to my family home and finish removing the left behind items.  Dennis and Connie came over from across the street to say hello.  Well, one thing led to another and we found out that Dennis and Connie, along with another neighbor, have been taking turns mowing my yard during the past year.  We also found out that their granddaughters are getting ready to move out on their own and would be having a garage sale to raise money for the deposit on their first apartment.  I told them that they could have anything they wanted and that the only thing I needed were any pictures they found of my girls.

My parents and I returned to the house yesterday to remove everything that wasn’t taken for the garage sale and found my house nearly cleaned out!  Yay!  That meant less work for us and another load off my shoulders.  Connie did an amazing job and said she found lots of sellable stuff for her granddaughters.  A double blessing for sure!  Thank you Connie!

Thanks a Bunch Card Recipe:

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