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Happy Thursday, Stampin’ Buds. It’s Becca again!

I fell in love with the Oodles of Doodles stamp set the moment I saw it.  So many fun things to do with those scribbly graphic shapes.  This week, I decided to put three simple cards together using a limited number of supplies.

Here’s card #1, a basic one-layer that’s fast and easy:

My chosen accessory for the first two cards is the Stitch Guide.  I’ve not used it for much actual stitching, but I sure love how it gives me some oomph without adding any bulk.

Here’s card #2, also one layer, but adding another stamp set and a few more ink colors:

To get the smaller Canary circles, I bent the large circle shape from Doodled Designs into a kidney shape then stamped off the edge so your eye fills in the rest of the circle.  You’ll also notice that all of the various shapes and colors are stamped in triangles.  That one design principle has done wonders for my stamping!  This card was CASE’d, so here’s the original (because it’s important to play nice in blogland and give credit where due).

Here’s card #3:

Again, this was CASE’d, so here’s the original.  I’ll be honest, this card took some fussing, but is that fun or what!

To make the pinwheel, I stamped it on the top panel first (including the center circle – the smallest circle in the Oodles of Doodles set).  I started with the center circle, then stamped Canary and added the Thistle triangle directly opposite.  I didn’t measure, I just eye-balled the straight line of the triangle base of the Canary with the straight line base of the Thistle.  Then I went to the Pear/Pixie leaving room for the Glacier/Sunset. I used an x-acto knife to cut out the triangles  giving  myself a small border and leaving the center circle in tact, placed my top panel over top of the card base and drew the triangles onto the base with a pencil, then stamped the pinwheel again.  The black wand was hand-drawn using a ruler and black pen.

I used a couple different accessories…a gold Bling Gem colored with the Black ShinHan Marker. Love how alcohol markers can customize accessories for greater versatility!

If I were doing this card over again, here’s what I would change:

  • color the center circle black before using the x-acto knife to cut out the triangles.
  • be much more careful about x-actoing the circle so it looks like a circle instead of a sortof circle/sortof hexagon
  • color the bling gem black before putting it onto the card making sure to leave plenty of time for it to dry (in fact, it would probably be a good idea to do this before starting the card)
  • if I was feeling very adventurous, I might forgo stamping the center circle altogether and add the black gem with no border around it

I started this as a one-layer card, but it lacked pizzazz without the cut out top panel. You will need lots of Foam Tape (some of it cut in tinsy, tiny pieces) to keep the pinwheel from sagging.

A word of warning…you are running out of time to purchase the Doodled Designs stamp set.  It’s part of the Seasonal Expressions catalog that expires at the end of March to make room for a brand new Seasonal Expressions.  But, if you’re going to put in an order, be sure to add the Happy to be Friends stamp set, too.  I’ll be back next week with some ideas using it because I find it incredibly versatile.

Until next time,


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