Workspace Wonder organization system

Yep, it’s true!  Workspace Wonder organization is finally here!  Yippee!

Workspace Wonder organization

Our new Workspace Wonder organization system has finally arrived and is now available to order in limited quantities.  Yet, please keep in mind that a few components may run out of stock before a new shipment can arrive.  If this happens, those components will simply be made unavailable in the ordering system until additional stock can be replenished.  Easy fix, really.

Workspace Wonder organization in a snap…

WW a closer look

As you can see, the individual components in the diagram (above) stack on top of each other in a variety of combinations.  This allows you to mix and match the pieces, as needed, to create a storage solution that’s perfectly tailored to your crafting space.

Most noteworthy is that each Stamp Pad Stack holds 5 of Close To My Heart’s Ink Pads (current style).  Where as, the Marker Stack holds up to 25 of our beautiful ShinHan Markers.  Just something to keep in mind.  😉

Want to learn more about this system?  Check out this useful video provided by my friend Kristina…

Also, don’t forget to add these items to your Christmas List when sharing it with your hubby and family.  😉
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